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Kayla's Story

Kayla paralyzed by the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Kayla Pollock became an incomplete quadriplegic (paralyzed fully or partially in all 4 limbs) after receiving the Covid-19 vaccination. Symptoms began days later, leaving her fully quadriplegic on Feb 22nd, 2022. This has been medically proven and documented. She has an audio recording of a neurologist stating (before all testing was complete) that the vaccine was likely to blame. You can listen to that recording in the video below.

Further testing confirmed it was the Moderna vaccine. The first doctor dismissed her paralysis as psychological, ordering a psych consult, and then left her alone in the hospital, screaming in pain. A note in her medical record below mentions that her quadriplegic is related to her Moderna Covid-19 booster shot.

Hospital report confirming Kayla's vaccine injury

Kayla is completely paralyzed below the chest, including her bowel and bladder functions. Parts of her arms are also paralyzed.

She will never walk again, have proper full arm range or feeling, be able to use her bowel or bladder without a catheter, and require her stool be removed manually. None of her care has been properly arranged, leaving all responsibility to one of her loyal friends.

Kayla was offered Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) three times and told to prepare for long-term care at age 35. Long-term care is not equipped to handle her complex medical needs and would separate her from her 9-year-old son. Without medical benefits /insurance, the help of others, her son would lose his mom. Kayla cannot afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed for a private nurse and overnight care. The healthcare system continues to fail her.

She shared her story publicly to raise funds to stay home with her son, avoiding overcrowded long-term care facilities. By crowdfunding, she seeks to highlight the government’s failure to provide adequate care, instead offering death or insufficient support. She aims to be a voice for all Canadians needing changes in the medical system, including vaccine-injured individuals, suffering quadriplegics, and those offered MAID instead of necessary care. Our government must be held accountable. That’s why she launched Canada’s first lawsuit against Moderna. Most importantly, she is asking for help so her son doesn't lose his mother.

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Kayla paralyzed by the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
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