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Kayla was left an incomplete quadriplegic after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and she is now making it her life's mission to expose what happened to her and inform others.

Kayla's Life Before Her Vaccine Injury

Kayla Pollock's early years were marked by unspeakable cruelty and suffering. As an infant, she endured the horrors of severe abuse, including broken bones, cigarette burns, and bruises inflicted upon her helpless body by her parents. Her distressing situation prompted the intervention of family and children services, ultimately leading to her placement in a caring, loving and supportive home.

As she grew older, Kayla dedicated the majority of her younger adult years to behavioral training of exotic animals. However, she eventually made the decision to resign from this profession after having her son, recognizing the inherent risks of the job. Kayla eventually ended up in the small town of Mount Albert, Ontario, where she co-raised her son after a separation.

She worked as a casual educational assistant at Robert Munsch Public School, assisting kindergarten children. Her home was conveniently located right next to the school. Kayla's son attended the same school where she worked, and she expressed her love for her job and the positive direction her life was heading. Describing herself as fit, healthy, and very active, Kayla enjoyed hiking, being outdoors, gardening, and going places with her son.

Kayla's Neurologist Says He Believes Kayla's Quadriplegia Is Caused by the COVID-19 Vaccine

Kayla is Suing Moderna for $45 million

On February 22, 2024, a lawsuit seeking $45 million in damages was filed on behalf of Kayla Pollock against Moderna. The claim seeks physical, emotional, and psychological damages, loss of past and future income, future cost of care, pain and suffering, as well as aggravated and punitive damages.

Moderna Covid-19 vaccine injury lawsuit

Kayla Needs Your Help!

Kayla has been left to fend for herself, failed by the Canadian healthcare system. She's on a waiting list for vaccine injury compensation, a process that could take 18 months to 2 years. So far, she's raised nearly $150,000 from generous donors from around the world, enabling her to purchase a specialized service dog and wheel chair accessible vehicle.

Service dog
Wheelchair van

Kayla now faces the task of raising approximately $50,000 to hire expert witnesses for her $45 million lawsuit against Moderna related to her vaccine injury. Additionally, Phase 4 of her goal is to raise enough funds to purchase land and build a wheelchair-accessible home in the town where her son lives, allowing her to see him more often.

Kayla Needs Your Help!

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Kayla paralyzed by the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
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